Instructions & After Care

As with any new product we recommend doing a patch test 48 hours before application 

Application method

Step 1. Cleanse your lashes to remove any makeup

Step 2. Curl lashes with lash curler(not an absolute must if you don't have any)

Step 3. Apply Lashed bond to base of the underside of your lashes but not all the way through like mascara

Step 4. Starting on either in inner or outer corner of your eye pick up the chosen segment and place under your lash near your lash line but not directly on it and continue to place each piece until you're happy with the look, remember feel free to stack them for a fuller look!

Step 5. Wait around 5/10 minutes then pinch the lashes gently at the base with the applicator tool or fingers to seal onto lashes

Step 6. Finish with Lashed sealant but gently tapping onto the base of your lashes not brushing all the way through like mascara  or clear eye lash/brow gel! And you're good to go!

Remember as this is a new way to apply lashes it may take a little time to get used to it but you'll be a pro in no time!

instruction videos are also available on our social media.

Cleaning & removal


To remove our Lash strips apply a generous coat of remover to the top and bottom of the segments then wait around 30 seconds then keep gently brushing until they start coming away!


Once they’re off if you still have some bond residue on your lashes give them another coat of the remover then cleanse until your lashes are clean and bond free, don’t try to apply more lashes if you still have remover on your own lashes as this will break down the bond and they won’t stick properly,


You can also clean your lashes to reuse time and time again but it’s also important to get all the remover cleaned off them so it doesn’t break down the bond next time you apply them, the easiest way we have found to give them a good clean is with Isopropanol Alcohol which is available on Amazon! You can soak them then gently brush off any excess bond then rinse throughly with water then air dry on some kitchen roll and brush through with a spoolie